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Save Box M_Photo, year 2013  


Save Box M testing in practice, year 2013_VIDEO
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Save Box M testing in practice - the construction site, year 2013.


         During the construction of a 5MWp photovoltaic park Milford Haven_Liddeston Ridge in the UK.

  • There was no chance for power supply or the possibility of implementing LV connection.
  • It was our only source of electricity for the site in conjunction with photovoltaic and diesel generator.
  • Diesel generator could run only from 7:00AM until 5:00PM.
  • Batteries of Save Box were charged only from solar array or from diesel generator.
  • Generator also cover all power peaks during the day (using electric power tools, water heating, microwave, PC, lighting … etc).
  • Always before 5:00PM we charged LiFePO4 batteries to 100% of their capacity.
  • During the night time we took the energy from Save Box through DC/AC inverter.
  • We have large enough source of electrical energy for the security, powering camera system, site lighting, walkie-talkie battery charging, radio, PC, heating … etc.
  • Lessons learned from practical use of Save Box and further testing with different loads helped to improve the equipment and put it into practice.
  • Today is Save Box fully functional and you can count on him.

     Practical tests is also be carried out using various types of appliances - testing in FitCraft Energy Ltd.

Fotogalerie: Save Boxes_Testing in practice and testing in the factory