LiFePO4 Storrage battery - Production


     FitCraft Energy, Ltd. developed, tested and put into practice a revolutionary LiFePO4 battery with active BMS. Battery weighs just 16 kg, has an operating voltage of 48V and a capacity of 1.5 kWh / (50V / 30Ah). LiFePO4 battery cells retain max. Capacity at > 4000 cycles of charge at 100% and total discharge to 0%.

     LiFePO4 storage battery is the ideal mobile storage system for electricity that you have made using photovoltaics, wind or diesel generator ... etc.

     These batteries, type LA3016, are made with voltage, current and thermal protection. Through the remote access via GSM module and the Web interface is possible to check their online status operating voltage, current, temperature and capacity ... and others.

All LiFePO4 Storage battery are being tested.


     Battery storage capacity can be increased by a parallel connection of multiple LiFePO4 batteries - energy storage for large systems.

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