Keep on your mind

  • Energy from sun is inexhaustible source of energy and is for free for everyone,
  • Solar farm doesn’t pollute the environment, is quite, doesn’t smell, doesn’t produce radiation or fumes,
  • The only waste that is produced by solar farm is electric energy,
  • You don’t need another fuel to generate the energy from solar farm,
  • Solar farms do not require any consuming maintenance or additional investments. Solar farms life span is more than 25 years,
  • Government is supporting renewable energy
  • You become to be energy self sufficient by using off-grid or hybrid systems to generate electric energy. You will not be dependent on you energy supplier,
  • You can save your produced energy into your LiFePO4 battery system and thanks to DC/AC inverter you will feed your home with your own energy
  • In case you will improve your system by using the solar water heating system or any wind or diesel generator, your win




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