PV systems on the roofs

     K + K, spol. s r.o. is many years interested in renewable energy production. Our main activity is equipment production and installation for generation of electrical energy, especially using the solar energy from the photovoltaic systems.

     We make equipments and implement installations of a Hybrid photovoltaic systems with accumulation electrical energy into the LiFePO4 accumulators with active BMS.

     Our company realized more smaller PV systems in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the UK, on the roofs family houses and industrial building.

from 2015:

     Installation of on-grid and hybrid PV systems on the roofs of family houses - with financial support from the EU subsidy program - cover its own energy consumption. Realization in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Preparation and implementation:
  • Plan for the implementation of PV system
  • Expert opinion on the carrying capacity of the roof
  • PV system installation
  • PV system commisioning
  • Handing equipment for use
  • Warranty and service for this equipment

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