Island PV_1.2-3-2

Off-Grid system                    

  • Continuous AC output power at 25°C (non linear load) : 1200 VA
  • Continuous AC output power at 25°C/40°C: 1000/900W
  • Output AC voltage: 230V / 50Hz
  • Permanent output current: 4,3A
  • Energy stored in accumulators: 3000 VAh
  • Lifetime of the accumulators LiFePO4: >4000 cycles
  • PV charger with MPPT: 145V/18A/2000W


         Is an independent power source for the cottages, garden houses, ... etc.
  • mobile, independent and self sufficient source of electric energy
  • energy self-sufficiency of geographically isolated communities and homesteads
  • system doesn’t require special maintenance or control
  • long life span
  • easy to use
  • electric energy generated by solar array and wind turbine goes to LiFePO4 batteries
  • from batteries you can easily take the energy using the Off-Grid inverter 48VDC/230VAC and supply your electric devices
  • in conjunction with submersible water pump - water pumping - irrigation of gardens


VIDEO:  PV_1.2-3-2 work the system in practice  year 2015
                                                                               year 2015
                                                                               year 2014



Photogallery: Island PV_1.2-3-2