Eco house - PV solar power supply


Our work for Western Solar Ltd. in 2013:


     Installation PV solar power supply on roof the Eco house in Rhos-Y-Gilwen, UK.


     In year 2011 we built PV solar farm with installed power of 1,2MWp for company Western Solar Ltd. from UK in small village called Rhosygilwen. It was one of the many pv farms we started to build in UK.

     In year 2013 we were contacted by the same company to installed PV solar power supply system for their passive house. This house is build on the site right next to the 1,2MWp PV farm.

     On the roof we installed glass-glass pv modules for charging LiFePO4 batteries. It is single-phase - Hybrid photovoltaic system 230V/50Hz / 3kW inverter, battery capacity of 18kWh.

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New concept eliminates rising energy costs & answers the demand for low-cost housing in one eco-friendly package.

[Press release Monday 28th October 2013]

… And the first of the factory built, modular homes will be unveiled next week by Glen Peters, CEO of a little-known Pembrokeshire company, Western Solar Ltd….

… The 3-bedroom house, which has its own integral PV solar power supply, can be adapted for two single occupancy units.

“The only practical answer to rising fuel costs is to incorporate energy production at the point of consumption and to drastically cut energy usage,” says Peters.

Fotogalerie: Eco house - PV solar power supply