Save Box S                           

An independent source of electric power for craftsmen and craftswomen, workers, construction sites etc.

This is a device used for storing electric power, and at the same time is a mobile accumulator – SAVEBOX. It can be charged up and then used to power electrical appliances in the same way as from the mains supply. The device has inputs for charging directly from the mains or from an electric generator.

Any everyday appliance can be connected to the output. 

1 phase system 230V/50Hz                     

A continuous output power 3 kW
Top power – inverter (10s) 6 kW
Accumulator 4 / 6 pcs LA3016, LiFePO4
Stored energy  6 / 9 kWh
Battery lifetime  >4000 cycles
Charge time 100 % (AC input)     4,5 / 6 hours
Size 680 x 670 x 850 mm
Weight approx. 110 / 142 kg


  • Low weight + portability
    Only 10% of the weight of classic lead-acid accumulators with the same power! Savebox is a mobile and hard-working helper.
  • Durability
    The device works without a problem even in wet and dusty conditions. It has been tested on construction sites and is also resilient against temperature fluctuations.
  • Clean and quiet energy
    No more fumes from noisy generators. Just quiet and clean energy, exactly where you need it.
  • Long lifetime
    The lifetime of the accumulator is 4,000 charge cycles. With once-a-day charging, that means more than a ten-year lifetime!
  • Stable performance independent of load
    Compared to standard lead-acid batteries, performance is not dependent on output voltage. This means it does not decrease together with battery discharge.
  • Remote monitoring
    Savebox can be operated by means of smart phone, tablet or PC.
  • Financial return
    The return obviously depends on how often the Savebox is used. Compared to a diesel generator (normal use), we calculate a three-year return on your investment.
  • Safety and zero maintenance
    You can dust your Savebox from time to time, but that’s about it. No further training is necessary. Just connect it up and you’re ready to go!
  • Made in EU
    Savebox is manufactured in the Czech Republic, which is also the home of your customer support and service. Come and see for yourselves.